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The Essentials

What you need to know about OneVisionWorld


We at OneVisionWorld bring you forward and up. We support you, ensure traffic, sales, awareness, commissions, unimagined opportunities in many markets.
400 MILLION products, the 1400 largest partner networks, more than 100'000 products in our own networks and pages, clever and unique marketing methods and not least a top team to support your wishes. OneVisionWorld.




Commissions for OneVisionWorld Partners:

Provisions-Ebenen OneVision World


This commission distribution applies to all products within OneVisionWorld, except the SmartShopper, see below.

Your commissions will be credited in the form of credits. 2 Credits are worth 1 Euro. From an amount of 1000 credits, you can either withdraw your credit at any time or invest in other products of OneVisionWorld.



AdventureWorld (Start a Game)

In a playful way, answer questions from a wide range of topics and earn credits.




You can make your own products visible in all smartshopper installations installed around the world in the form of banner advertising.




Communication with 100% visibility guarantee. The SmartMessenger consists of 2 components, a send and a receive module.




Price comparison tool with many additional features. The SmartShopper searches the entire Internet for the best prices.

The SmartShopper comes in two versions, a purchase version with the possibility to earn commissions with the purchases of the free distributed second version. The SmartShopper with your partner link to people from your personal "network", e.g. To friends, acquaintances, business partners, family members or to clubs and commission for each purchase made through the SmartShopper.

Commissions specifically for SmartShopper affiliates.:

Provisions-Ebenen SmartShopper



With the WebpowerBooster Light, you can place your own products and / or services quickly and easily on the first page on Google and other search engines.
An upgrade to Easy, Business or Ultimate versions is possible at any time.



Internet Academy Europe

Flatrate Training

2x3 days, that is 6 days a year full of Internet expert knowledge and practice units around their own product or service. Learn with professional support as you manage to occupy the search engines TOP positions as well as dominate your market.


Trainer Training

Become an Internet Academy Europe Trainer and train yourself in the future. Learn directly from one of the best SEO trainer and his lecturers at OneVision Holding AG. This training covers a period of 12 months and can be completed by the applicant.

Training for people who want to appear skillfully
Personality training and success coaching



OneVision Academy

3 days of concentrated OneVisionWorld know-how and training. For future top sales.



Social Boxes

The motto is: Share and Earn. Share products from a variety of categories in social media channels. You get ready-made texts and appealing graphics, which you can publish by simple copying and pasting.
The special thing is that you as a partner get a 100% remuneration commission from the sales.




ClickEasyNow is a shopping portal with many major brands. With your personal partner link you can apply either the entire portal or individual shops. Maybe even their own shop.



Fairtrade by OneVision

We care about the environment. Through the production of goods such as coffee, tea, gold, etc. under fair and dignified conditions and environmental protection measures, e.g. preservation of the rainforest, we also try to make the world a bit better.




With the OneVisionWorld you have access to a big banners farm. Here you have a large selection of prefabricated banners. You will receive a complete description, a graphic banner image and the partner link configured individually for you to promote the respective products. Making money with OneVision Holding is easy.




Improve your position with Google Adwords.




Of course we support you in applying all these products. You will receive pre-made landingpages for immediate use.




You want it all and more, but you do not want to do it yourself? We do it for you. On fair conditions.